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I start this new blog post series after a couple month of hiatus based on a book by Jen Wilkin – None Like Him. I received it in the mail today after deciding to buy a book on a whim, whilst I was waiting aimlessly for job opportunities. I’m currently about 30 pages in (15 minus the intro and and contents etc etc). I gotta say, it’s my lack of money well spent. If you know me, I hardly ever use difficult words while blogging. Partially it is to keep this simple, but mostly because of lack of grammar. Which is one reason why I like this book – it’s an easy read, yet at the same time so filled with biblical truths explained in layman’s terms (though the bible isn’t exactly filled with big words too). Btw, imma start calling the author Jen rather than like Wilkins cos I don’t wanna start writing essay style lol. Keep it real cash.

Anyways, I’m gonna try type this as fast as I can before I REALLY start to shiver and be uncomfortable sitting on this not-the-best-back-supporting-high-chair. The book splits itself up into ten “ways” God is different from us. I just thought why not blog out my thoughts as I make my way through this book. And if you’re keen on reading this book later on – go get it. Don’t borrow mine (as I’ve already started highlighting stuff, and also cos I do not like my books bent at the seam).


limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate

This line in the book was the biggest most obvious, yet never crossed my mind revelation ever: “the chasm between who God is and who I am had already been firmly established by the simple fact that I was measurable“. She reminded us that, the moment we were born, our weight and length was measured. Whoa, if this wasn’t mind-blowing to you – then well I guess I’m just easily amused.

Talk about being “infinite” – can God ever be measured in any sense? There is no number we can attach to God that can measure Him – not his height, not his weight, let alone his power, mercy, love, wisdom and grace – you know, even his traits are immeasurable. “Technically you can’t measure those”. Well, I know for sure I don’t have the power to do a lot of things, unlike God. I know for sure that I can love someone – but only if they do this and that for me, unlike God. I know for sure I do not understand a lot of things out there, unlike God.

Jen also talks about how we love to measure. We compare ourselves to those we think are better looking or uglier, richer or poorer, smarter or dumber. And these measures of comparison so often lead to our lack of self-worth. Ask Josh, I’m sure he can attest to the number of times I told him I don’t think I look good, the amount of times I laugh at how dumb I am etc etc. And even if he tries to compliment me, deep down I struggle to accept what he says as truth. On the other hand, there are those people who truly think that they’re the best. I’m the best musician, I know what you don’t know, I have everything I want or whatever – but as Jen so nicely wrote “and that’s where a measureless God begins to upend our sense of personal awesomeness”.

Yet, again she reminds us that though God is immeasurable; He too becomes our standard of measure. Think of something you really dislike about yourself – example for me is well, I don’t think I’m beautiful (man it sounds ridiculous when you type it out like that). Then ask yourself this: to whom are you comparing yourself to? Then I think a good next step to this question is to ask why you’re comparing yourself to them – then is it worth?
Example: I have no talents.
Q1: I’m comparing myself to Person A, B, C, D, E, F etc who can do said talent better than me.
Q2: I feel like my talents can’t compare, thus I feel inferior whenever my work is beside theirs.
Q3: Not really, cos actually I can prob do this other thing better than them.

I think it is easy to compare ourselves to someone else – but if we really want to start comparing one thing about us to the other, then it is only fair to compare every single detail about you against them. I believe this makes judging others that much harder, and putting yourself down that much harder as well.

So then why should we measure ourselves to God if we know He’s gonna be infinitely better than us in every way? Well firstly, sit down, be humble. That’s right, God keeps our humility in check. There’s absolutely nothing you can do that God cannot do better than you. Yet at the same time, stand up, be proud. God says you’re very good.

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31

And when God says something is good, man just how much that “goodness” is worth. He didn’t say “God saw all that he had made, and mankind’s face was very good”, or like “…and mankind’s gonna be so good at naming animals” or whatever. No character, no details, no skills are pointed, but rather as a whole. Yes you might not be the best at singing/painting/looking beautiful etc out there, but only YOU can do and be YOU better than anyone else out there.

I don’t really know how to segway into this next part but I’ll try anyway.

So then what can YOU do, and why is it that we can do these things but not others. Why is it that we have some things, yet we don’t have other things that we think are good? Well simple, by now you should have realised you can never be God – because of the lack. No being a rap god doesn’t make you a God. So knowing this should make you understand why we NEED God. If there is no God to measure up against, we’re just gonna be stuck in an endless cycle of measuring someone incomplete to someone else who is equally incomplete.

Jen writes “though He gives us nineteen gifts and warns us away from one danger, we suspect that what is withheld is not dangerous but desirable.”

Do you have a friend who so adamantly want something, that they completely forget about what they already have? – I do, and I also know I am exactly like that too.

You know, I think I’m a pretty skillful person. I’m very good with my hands – I bake, I take photos, I stitch, I’m even good around tools. But what I find funny is that, I’m not the “best” at any of it. And I think that goes to show that you can be greedy and want all sorts of skills, things or relationships – but if you’re given those and can’t make the best out of it, then there’s no real reason to have it. So how about focusing on the one or two things you’re really good at, how about focusing on the couple of relationships you have and make that the best darn relationship you’ll have. How about just focusing on yourself and make yourself to be the best you you can be right now, until the moment God wants you to be the best you to someone else.

Lastly, I love this verse that Jen used in this chapter (verse below btw).

She quoted the bold part, but I think these verses puts it a little more into context (though you should read from v12 onwards lol).

As I’ve said before, God thinks we’re good. And He thinks you’re good despite of the flaws, despite of our insecurities, despite of our anger towards Him and others. And God thinks you’re good in your future flaws and insecurities too.

Uh, I’m hoping she’ll expand on that part later on in the book – but otherwise you can always comment or something and we can chat.

“The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
Romans 5: 20-21



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